Preserving the freshness of your car paint and protecting the body against sludge and dirt is very important if you hope to save some money on regular car waxing. Thankfully, 9h ceramic coating is one solution that works. It is simply the best way and most economical to preserve your car with a glossy finish without dolling out too much cash.

Cars are exposed to different harsh weather, as well as dirt and manual wear. In the face of all these, it is really easy for autos to lose their glossy look quickly and even begin to show signs of external cracking and rust. This problem can become more serious when the original paint totally fades and the car’s body is exposed.

Although precautions and special care can prolong car paints’ lifespan, the best solution remains to cover the paint with another type of coating that will offer the best protection against natural and mechanical conditions.

9h ceramic coating is a special type of nano-coating designed to confer protection on specific body types. 9H is a level of hardness, which the ceramic coat achieves once it sets. The primary and active ingredient in this ceramic coating is the chemical compound Silica dioxide (SiO2). This silica dioxide slows the oxidation of car paints, allowing dirt to be removed efficiently and preserving the coating’s integrity.

Chemical and mechanical agents can easily damage most car paints and other ceramic coatings, and this is where the 9h ceramic coating offers more advantages.

Typically, the spray has a longer lifespan in protecting the car with a clear external coating that makes it shine for a long time (compared to other types). This makes it even better than regular car waxing. The ceramic coating is also easier to maintain as you only need to wash and clean regularly.

The 9h ceramic coating is easy to apply; you can get the spray kit and do-it-yourself spray. A complete kit comes with the ceramic coating, primer, and clean foam material. You must ensure that the entire surface to be sprayed is washed and cleared of debris or underlying dirt. Also, make sure to level any rough surface and allow the car to dry properly before spraying the coating.

What is more? Ceramic coating is affordable and will ultimately save you more in terms of workmanship and regular waxing. It is durable and can stay up to 5 years (provided it is well-cared for).