All car shipping companies are meant for transporting vehicles from one place to another when you are relocating. When you are moving, you will need the services for transporting your car or cars to your new location in the best possible manner. Also, you will expect this service should be available within your budget too.

Usually, the rates of car transport may vary based on a number of factors. In this article, we shall deliberate on their reasons and make little more understanding about auto transport industry.

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Following are few factors that can always influence the rate of transporting your car.

  • Season of the year

Always the season plays a big role on the rates of car shipping. Usually, car transport prices will be much higher during the summer, while during winter it will be low. The reason being most of the people consider movement during summer days and vice versa.

  • Vehicle

While you are deciding to move your vehicle, you have to mention precisely about your make, model and condition of your car. Usually, a new vehicle or any classic vehicle will attract higher charges than normal cars.

  • Distance

Obviously the rate will depend upon the distance you would like to take your car. Generally, the more distance your car will travel, the cost will also be proportionately higher. For long-distance vehicle hauling, you will need more fuel charges, labor cost, and oils etc.

  • Shipping method

Depending upon shipping method like open transport or enclosed transport method, the charges will vary. Enclosed transport method will obviously attract more cost than open transport method.

  • Location

Almost like buying a home, your location will be prime factor to determine the shipping rate of your car. While you are enquiring about auto shipping quotation, you will need to furnish address for pick-up as well as delivery. Usually, rural routes will be costlier than city routes.

  • Insurance

Typically, auto transport companies will offer you basic insurance coverage. Every car carriers who are licensed by Department of Transportation has to hold any valid cargo insurance. In some cases however, the basic coverage will not match your true value of the car.

  • Delivery preference

Transporters usually offer 3 different delivery options. These are

  • Economic
  • Priority
  • Guaranteed.

Each of the above options may vary in their price and you need to choose one based on your budget.

  • Additional services

Any additional service that will be needed by you will always be charged extra amount. Depending upon the location where you want your car shall be transported will also decide the cost ranges.

For top loading, your car will then be placed on the uppermost level of two-level transport carrier. People often like to pay extra amount for top load because the condition of vehicles will be free from road debris.