ATV is one of the most bought four-wheelers in the market. Due to its high efficiency, power output, handling, and comfort, it is one of the preferred choices among bike riders. Loading ATV is a risky job that requires skill and precision. You need to secure the loading ramp rightly as a slid ramp can cause impairment to the trailer, and inflict serious casualty.

In this guide, we will tell you to step by step instructions on how to load your ATV safely.

Choose the right size of the ramp

You may get loading ramp in varying sizes, materials, and shapes. Ensure that the ramp, as well as the load rating, matches the weight of the item that needs to be loaded. In wet conditions, look for a ramp that offers you plenty of grips.

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Should you use aluminum or steel?

For the maximum amount of durability, and strength, it is advised to use a steel ramp that provides easy handling, and protection against rust.

Method to attach the ramp

Loading ramp is referred to as trailer ramp. Below are the steps that you need to follow to attach the ramp.

  • Get a tie-down cable, or strap to secure the trailer
  • Apply the brakes to prevent the movement or tipping of the trailer.
  • Position the ramp to the rear edge of the trailer
  • Locate a secure point below the trailer and fix the other end of the cable/strap to and pull it tight. Try to move the ramp by your hand. If it vibrates, then it indicates that you need to increase the tension of the cable or the strap.

The Procedure for Loading the Vehicle

There are two important tips that you need to know when you are trying to load the ATV vehicle.

Tip 1: Take it slowly. If you can’t approach the ramp in the straight line then try again

Tip 2: To ensure safety during the task, make sure that while you are loading the ramp first, its driving wheels are also moving up.


Loading the ATV vehicle is a complicated task. A little carelessness can cause you a lot of harm. So, follow this step by step guide to safely attach a loading ramp to the trailer.